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Drake Real Estate provides a comprehensive range of services in all aspects of residential real estate. We are not limited to a corporate philosophy when determining a “best approach” scenario and we can accommodate the individual needs of our client and their respective circumstances or property.

Property Sales

Our clients may choose to sell by Private Treaty, Auction or Tender. Private Treaty property sales are most commonly seen with a ‘For Sale’ sign and generally advertised with a fixed price ora price range. Tender is often seen as ‘Expressions of Interest close by…date’. Most residential property in this area is sold by either Private Treaty or Auction.

Property Management

We are able to assist with a variety of services in relation to the rental of your property, including tenant selection and management. The range of services we offer is quite extensive and we would be please to provide a detailed analysis for you on request.


You may only use an agent when seeking a tenant, and we are happy to assist in this selection process. Again, our complete service arrangement is available on request. 

Representing You in the Marketplace

It is essential a qualified professional is employed to handle your real estate transaction and to be available to answer any questions informatively and most importantly appropriately.

Our agents have the necessary skills to communicate effectively with an increasingly savvy real estate property market. Prospective customers are becoming more and more informed about the state of the Real Estate market, the laws and practices governing the Real Estate industry and their rights as consumers.

Client Management

Many people do not realise that an important aspect to good negotiation is the emotional stability of the Client. On occasion, selling or leasing can be a tense period in one’s life, particularly where there may be emotional reasons involved. We provide a very open line of communication with our clients, explaining processes, justifying strategy recommendations or even just to lend an ear. Everyone’s needs are different and it is imperative to ensure we fully understand your situation so we can maximise our assistance to you.

Conducting All Negotiations

Our agents professionally conduct all negotiations concerning your property with you and your needs in mind. We keep you fully informed at all times and are qualified and experienced to negotiate the best possible price for your property.

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