Vacate Notice

Please print out and complete the Vacate Notice below should you decide to end your lease.  Minimum 21 days’ notice is required if you are on a Periodic (past your Fixed Term lease end date) lease OR minimum 14 days’ notice is required to the end of your Fixed Term lease.

Your notice can be handed to a staff member in our office, or posted/placed in our office mail box. Our mail box is located on the external of our building, west side of the driveway on Waterloo St clearly marked Shop 2, Drake Real Estate.   Emailed notices are not accepted.

Vacate Notice Form


Serving Notice

Your vacate notice will be valid when served in accordance with the guidelines in the Department of Fair Trading Fact sheet below.  Please read the Fact Sheet prior to submitting your notice.

Fair Trading Fact Sheet

Vacating Notice

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